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Capacity for Care (C4C)

Facilities and foster homes of any organization has a maximum capacity for humane care based on its ability to meet the Five Freedoms. 

This capacity is influenced by:


  • the animals’ physical and behavioural needs

  • physical space available

  • caregiver ability and time for husbandry and training

  • the presence of other animals

  • adoption and transfer options

  • funding and other resources which may influence the care of the animal

  • foster coordination and other administrative resources. 


An organization’s capacity may fluctuate depending on these factors. 

At any given time, the organization MUST know its overall capacity and that of each of its foster homes and facilities.

Meeting C4C allows animals to remain healthy with good welfare during their stay and move through the system quickly without delays from illness.  

Get the full details on Capacity for Care:

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