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The loud, unpredictable noise and flashing light from fireworks can be a source of stress and anxiety for many pets. It may cause panic which might put both pets and people in danger. Fireworks can also cause your pet to behave uncharacteristically for things like biting, scratching or running away.

The metals and chemicals used in the manufacture of fireworks can be toxic if consumed by a curious pet.

The Saskatchewan SPCA suggests keeping your pets indoors on those evenings when fireworks are planned in your area.

Prepare beforehand so you keep your pet and those around you safe and comfortable. Before the fireworks start, try to take your pet outside during the day to use the bathroom or for a walk. Once the fireworks start, keep them inside in a safe place. You can turn on the TV or play soothing music. Running the air conditioner or fan is another option.

Draw the curtains to help minimize exposure to noise and light, or take your pets to the basement, as far away from the unpleasant sounds as possible. Close your windows to help muffle to noise as well.

You might also consider providing a distraction for your pet such as a favorite toy or food treat.

Pets naturally seek small, enclosed spaces when they are feeling stressed. If your pet enjoys being crated, that may be a good option. Your cat may want to find her own special hiding space under furniture or on top of a cupboard.

Make sure your pets are microchipped and licensed, in case they manage to escape. Your veterinarian may have other useful suggestions for a severely anxious pet.

One final note: Remember that noisy outdoor concerts and public events can also be very stressful for your pet.

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